I work in real-time to let new behaviors lead to new outcomes while learning is grounded in reality (look below for cases). This way impact is usually obtained on three levels:

Leadership capability

Future leadership mindset is translated into new practices and behaviours.

Business impact

Performance is lifted by having more people take on more responsibility.

Cultural change

Building a culture of leadership across the organisation.



Global Logistics and Distribution

Rapid growth through empowerment.

Bo Stjerne Thomsen

Head of Research at LEGO Foundation

Support change management to prepare for scaling

City of Copenhagen

Leisure & Culture

Making strategy implementation the next leadership development program.


Norsk Rikskringkasting

Building NRK's capacity for change through projects.

Novo Nordisk

DMS Production

Mobilising a plant from crisis to global competitiveness (award winning project).


Automation & IT

Mobilising the power of automation & IT for the future.

City of Gentofte


Building strategic thinking for 380 leaders across the organization.

Novo Nordisk

Product Supply

Setting the guiding star for training and development in Product Supply.

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