I work in real-time to let new behaviors lead to new outcomes while learning is grounded in reality (look below for cases). This way impact is usually obtained on three levels:

Leadership capability

Future leadership mindset is translated into new practices and behaviours.

Business impact

Performance is lifted by having more people take on more responsibility.

Cultural change

Building a culture of leadership across the organisation.



Global Logistics and Distribution

Facing the need to double the capacity, Global Distribution & Logistics made a conscious choice of pushing decisionpower to their frontline people to build capacity, speed up change and strengthen agility.

Step by step they have achieved spectacular progress, revolutionizing how they collaborate with suppliers and customers, as well as speeding up new distribution centres with more than a year, while at the same time meeting all targets.

Danish Heart Foundation


Like other NGO’s, the Danish Heart Foundation had experienced changing market conditions over the last couple of years and needed to adjust to the new situation.

This meant they needed to be more focused on where to make a difference, rethink and prioritise how they used their resources, while at the same empower their people to drive progress and results.

I worked for the CEO to assist in setting a clear and compelling strategic intent, building commitment, changing the organisation, and set up initial training for leaders and key people to nurture and facilitate the change.

City of Copenhagen

Leisure & Culture

Making strategy implementation the next leadership development program

Building on the idea that leadership is best trained in daily practice, this program aimed at making strategy implementation their leadership development program.

Approximately 150 leaders were leading strategic projects from strategy to realisation, while step by step being exposed to relevant theory, tools and training.

As an advisor I was part of the design team with one clear succescriteria: that every project should be noticeable by the citizens of Copenhagen.

Danish Hospital Clowns

(Danske Hospitalsklovne)

After a number of years with significant growth, Danish Hospital Clowns needed to make a shift from being small and entrepreneurial to become established but still entrepreneurial.

I assisted in the transformation as an advisor, coach, designer and facilitator from defining a new paradigm, build understanding and commitment, adjusting the organisation to help implementing the changes in a little more than a one year.

Bo Stjerne Thomsen

Head of Research at LEGO Foundation

Support change management to prepare for scaling

Chemical Production Company

Global Supply Chain

Uniting more than 1000 people across 3 continents and numerous facilities requires a clear strategic direction, a very clear set of choices, to makes it possible for people at all levels to make aligned decisions.

Executed through a series of sprints they have step by step been rethinking vital business processes to be more customer focused and agile


(Norsk Rikskringkasting)

Building NRK’s capacity for change through projects.

This Master Class Program was designed to support the biggest projects within media production as well as internal projects to be more innovative and effective in implementing for sustainable effect.

Being a part of the design team I assisted in designing it as an action-learning program involving senior project leaders in applying learnings to their current projects while being exposed to cutting-edge thinking, cases, theory and practice.

Novo Nordisk

DMS Production

Facing the challenge of being closed due to competition from low-cost countries, this facility endured on a journey of becoming ”Most Wanted”.

Involving all employees on how to achieve peak performance, they managed to reduce cost per unit with almost 50%, reduce cycletime with more than 80% while at the same time increase employee engagement with 30% and cut sickleave by half within 18 months.

Eventually they became “Most Wanted” and given the responsibility for setting up and producing Novo Nordisk next blockbuster device (Award Winning Project).


Automation & IT

Creating a clear and compelling strategic intent and empowering 35 leaders to take action.

Experiencing how market and customer needs gradually changed, AIT needed to find a way to bridge how to be operational effective while at the same time staying ahead of the industry curve.

Creating an ambitious strategic intent and empowering 35 leaders on how to get started, AIT embarked on a journey that have led to significant financial growth, established an Innovation Hub, almost doubling their number of employees and successfully introducing new business models.

City of Gentofte


Building strategic thinking for 380 leaders across the organisation, this leadership development program focused on reducing the distance from top to bottom, strengthen strategic thinking on all levels and increase a collaborative leadership approach.

The program brought 380 leaders across all levels and areas to build a more cohesive and aligned focus, resulting in, among other things, major savings without service reductions as well as innovative ways of interacting with both the political system and the citizens of Gentofte.

Novo Nordisk

Product Supply

Setting the guiding star for Training & Leadership Development in Product Supply.

I helped Training & Leadership Development to set a new ambition for how training and development should add value to the Product Supply, including how to include new learning technologies, bring learning closer to the shopfloor, make learning and training part of daily practice etc.

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